Covid-19 Information

COVID-19 Information and Updates

Updated 23/03/20

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, Bevie is monitoring the developments across the globe and we are acting in a proactive manner to mitigate the impact to our teams and customers.

Here are some key points we’d like to share:

  • First and foremost we took early steps and have already moved to protect our teams across all our sites. For team members with the ability to do so we have implemented a “Work From Home” policy and are running our Operations (warehousing and manufacturing) with active social distancing and split shifts.
  • We may see some supply chain disruptions in the coming weeks as container routing is rebalanced. We are also aware of impending product movement restrictions (mainly in Europe) and are working to minimise these.
  • At present, we are fulfilling orders as normal in UK, Europe, USA and Australia. In NZ we are following the advice for Level 4 COVID-19 actions and are no longer be accepting new orders, until back up and running. We are working hard to release all orders placed before this time.
  • Bevie has contingency plans in place with our distribution centres to ensure order fulfilment; however, because of reducing our workforce shifts, we may miss normal shipping SLAs and experience an increase in out-of-stocks.  Please bear with us.
  • We also know that in some Bevie locations a small number of our customers pickup goods from our Bevie warehouses. Unfortunately we are not going to be able to support customer pickups and everything must be sent via our courier or freight network.  Please can you work with your sales representative or our customer service team to facilitate getting shipments.
  • Further to this our sales managers are now working from home so will be contacting you over the phone rather than in-store visits.

In addition to the above we are also strictly following any governmental or business industry recommendations involving looking after our people, producing product and servicing customers.

We’re here to support you, our customers through this difficult situation, please stay in touch with us,  as we collectively navigate these uncharted waters.  As always I would welcome feedback and if you would like please use and myself or one of the team will respond. Your ideas on how we support our community of “makers” across the globe are very welcome.

Please be safe, look after yourselves, your family and your communities.

Thank you,

JvR (CEO) and the rest of the Bevie Team